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Saturday 4th November 2023 2.00 - 4.00pm


During this session you will learn about visible mending using a Speedweve style darning loom.  Workshop particpants will look at how to set-up a darning loom and practice using it to mend a small hole in a creative way. You will also cover techniques for finishing the patch and discuss choosing the right loom model for various mending projects. Throughout the session Becs will share lots of pro tips & tricks to help you get the best results, as you mend along together. 

Whether you are a mending newbie wanting to dive into the creative world of visible mending, or have some previous mending/darning experience, you are welcome to join this workshop.  

Come along, learn a new skill and start saving unnecessary textile waste ending up in landfill! 

All relevant tools and materials will be provided for you, so you can practice using a darning loom. We will practice on fabric remnants, but you’re welcome to bring along your own item of clothing to mend if you’d prefer. I would recommend that you bring an item that has a small area to repair, or something that you are happy to practice on.


I’m Becs, a Cornish-based visible mender and founder of Ministry of Mending – an online store filled with carefully sourced planet-friendly mending tools & supplies.  

I’ve had a lifelong love for textile crafts and care deeply about living a life that is a little kinder to the planet. Back in 2019 I picked up my first vintage Speedweve loom and I’ve been well and truly hooked ever since. I’m now passionate about helping people to discover the joy of repairing their own clothing – there truly is something magical about fixing things yourself, especially with a darning loom! 


A darning loom is not included in the price of this workshop, however participants will have the opportunity to purchase one at the end of the session. 

Speedweve Darning for Beginners with Becs of "Ministry of Mending"

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