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SATURDAY 2nd NOVEMBER, 11.15am-12.15pm

BIRDWOOD CAFE, 48 High St, Totnes TQ9 5SQ


Ria’s fledgling knitwear label was born out of a desire to combine finding a solution to the unsustainable, disposable fast fashion industry and her love of wool and colour.

Her research has led her to take a slow approach to manufacturing, using local wool and natural dyes, designing pieces that have longevity and are made to be cherished, looked after and passed on.

In this talk Ria will outline her creative process and how she works to build sustainability into each step, providing some simple tips on how we can all work to become more conscious crafters and consumers.

(45 mins with 15 mins Q & A)


Ria Burns is a knitwear designer who specialises in botanically dyed, British wool knitwear. She designs, dyes and make knitwear in her Bristol studio. Ria works to a mission statement of ‘local wool, local plants and local production’ and has begun working with a bespoke wool yarn from a farm 15 miles away from her studio, as well as growing her own plants for dyeing.

TALK - Sustainable Knitwear: A Work in Progress with Ria Burns