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SUNDAY 3rd NOVEMBER 10.00-1.00pm

Grove Classroom 2, Grove School, Totnes TQ9 5ED


This 3 hour workshop will introduce you to extracting dye and making dyebaths from fresh  plant material and using natural dyes from dried material and extracts, to dye British wool in the form of mini hanks of yarn or wool fabric.

We will cover preparation and mordanting of wool to facilitate dye take-up and fastness. Due to time constraints the wool for the workshop will have to be prepared in advance and ready for you to dye.

We will make a range of dyes both in vibrant colours, such as a zingy yellow from Weld, but also more subtle colours from less widely used plants.

We will cover different methods of dyeing, overdyeing and modifying dyed colour.

By the end of the session you will have a number of mini-hanks and/or squares of fabric dyed in a range of colours to your preference. You might also have some mordanted wool and dye to take home to further your experimentation.


What to bring:

All equipment, dyestuffs, wool fabric and yarn provided.

Please bring an apron and thick rubber gloves.

If you wish to take home dye solutions left at the end of the session please bring a few pots which will take heat such as jam jars with well fitting lids.


Rebecca is a Woven Textile Designer and Hand-weaver.

She has a BA in Textile Design, is a Licentiate of The Society of Designer Craftsmen and an Associate of The Devon Guild of Craftsmen.


Working from her studio near Cirencester, she creates designs for woven cloth, weaving by hand on antiquated looms. Fabrics are developed for commercial clients, for one-off commissions or for exhibition. Bold patterns in un-dyed British Wool with natural dyed colour are her signature designs.


Rebecca teaches weaving and natural dyeing at her studio and across the South West. She has exhibited with and taught for British Wool.

Dye Wool with Natural Dyes with Rebecca Connolly