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Stitch Fest 

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SUNDAY 3rd NOVEMBER 1.30-4.30pm

Grove Classroom 2,  Grove School, Totnes TQ9 5ED


Hairpin lace is a beautiful variation on crochet, in which a standard crochet hook is used with a Hairpin loom to create lacy, openwork designs.

Hairpin crochet involves creating strips around the loom and these are then crocheted together. They can be put together in a number of ways to create different and varied designs.

In this workshop you will learn to do the basic techniques and to join the strips in a variety of ways including cable join, how to curve the strips and how to make a hairpin flower.


Level: You just need to know the very basic crochet techniques and stitches - chain, double crochet and treble.

This workshop is also suitable for hairpin improvers as there are new techniques to learn.

The looms and crochet hooks will be available to use on the day.


What to bring: Please bring smooth DK and chunky yarn (not a dark colour)


Diane’s mother taught her to crochet when she was quite young. “She was very creative and passed that on to me.  I love working with wool – the feel of it and working with lots of colour to create textures with different crochet stitches.  In the past I’ve experimented with felt-making, textile art, knitting and crochet but never felt that I’d really mastered anything. Then several years ago I decided to do a crochet diploma and have loved crochet ever since!  I love the flexibility and variety of stitches and effects made with crochet, and have learnt a variety of different techniques such as Hairpin, Broomstick and Filet.”


Diane has taught scores of people to crochet over the last 7 years or so in Plymouth and South Devon. “I really enjoy seeing people grow in confidence and progress with their skills, producing beautiful items for themselves, friends and family. My aim is to keep on encouraging people to crochet so that this valuable and practical skill can then be passed on to future generations.”



Hairpin Lace with Diane Stewart