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Stitch Fest 

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SUNDAY 3rd NOVEMBER 10.15am-1.15pm

Grove Classroom 3, Grove School, Totnes TQ9 5ED


In this class with Dorset Button expert, Jen Best, you will learn how to make the tradition Dorset Button - a Crosswheel Button and then go on to make a Posy Brooch.

Dorset buttons were stitched by hand in Dorset from the early 1600's to 1851. They were shipped all over the world and were even worn by royalty. This cottage industry employed over 4000 people at its height, making over 100 different Dorset button types, all in white linen. Their popularity died overnight after the Great Exhibition of 1851, when a new button machine was showcased. Many families were left destitute and emigrated to escape starvation, and the art was more or less lost. The W.I., the Arts and Crafts movement and others have kept this fabulous craft alive and now you can learn how to make them too.


From a young age Jen Best was taught by her Grandmother to make Dorset buttons, knit, crochet, sew and embroider. A few years ago she learn to spin and felt. Her addiction to wool and woolly pursuits has last for over 35 years. She has been teaching buttons for almost as long as she has been making them. She designs knitting and crochet patterns, all involving Dorset buttons. She also designs Dorset button jewellery and button kits.

Dorset Button and Posy Brooch with Jen Best