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Stitch Fest 

1 New Buildings

Harbertonford TQ9 7SZ

Tel: 01803 731077


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SUNDAY 3rd NOVEMBER, 10.15am-1.15pm

BIRDWOOD HOUSE - FRONT ROOM, 44 High Street, Totnes TQ9 5SG


Learn how to speed up your cable knitting by getting rid of your cable needle! In this class we will cover several different methods of cabling without a cable needle, for both right and left-leaning cables, and help you to find a method that you feel comfortable with. We will also have a look at charted cable patterns and learn how to decipher different cable symbols.


Level: Intermediate (experience of cabling with a cable needle)


What to bring: 5mm needles, 50g aran weight yarn


Maddie Harvey is a workshop tutor and knitwear designer, living and working in Edinburgh, UK. A former primary school teacher, she loves investigating colour combinations and textures in her design work. Maddie is a strong advocate of experimenting with knitting and using the process of swatching as a way to investigate stitches, and free-up the knitting process.

Cabling without a Cable Needle with Maddie Harvey