Sunday 20th March

Experience a one-to-one tutorial with an international renowned shearer and shear your own fleece to take home!

 In this 1 hr taster session you will watch at close hand a sheep being shorn with the shearer giving a careful and detailed explanation of the techniques involved and the intricacies of the requirements of wool harvesting!

Then you will be supported through shearing a sheep yourself with the tutor supporting you every step of the way.

Blade shearing is the most holistic form of shearing – with no mechanical vibrations it is slower and far less stressful for the sheep. The bonus is it enables a better quality of wool to be harvested. It is a subtle art form, blending three opposing fundamentals, the mind of the sheep, the mind of the shearer and a sharp blade!

One of the tutors on this day will be intercontinental shearer and shepherd Andrew Wear – one of your hosts at Fernhill -  who has represented his country in many shearing competitions; and the other shearers are also of equal expertise and renown, all with many years of experience.

If you have a bad back, weak knees, epilepsy, or heart conditions please let us know. You can still have a go, but the class does involve physical demands which can be adjusted to your needs.

Please note you take this class at your own risk as blade shears are very sharp. Please wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. No ballgowns!

Introduction to Blade Shearing Sunday 2pm