Lindhay Room, Newton Abbot Racecourse


This workshop is for absolute beginners and also for those who would like to re-visit crochet or
improve on skills.
In this workshop you will learn the basic techniques of crochet, how to hold the hook and make the
basic stitches :- chain, double crochet and treble.
In this workshop, you will be :-
Making a length of chain
Working a straight piece and learning how to keep it straight!

Make a circle of chain and start a square. You can bring your favourite 4mm crochet hook that you like to use, but it's not essential as therewill be hooks available on the day.Double knit smooth yarn for participants to practice with, (not dark colours or cotton as it splitseasily when crocheting)


Diane Stewart is an experienced workshop leader having taught extensively for the last 10 years in
the South Devon area, where she has taught many people to crochet.
She has an International Diploma in Crochet and is experienced in many different aspects and
techniques of crochet and loves the flexibility and variety of stitches and effects that can be
achieved with crochet.

Diane enjoys teaching people, seeing them grow in confidence and producing beautiful items for
themselves, friends and family.


Beginner's Crochet with Diane Stewart