Sunday 20th March 10.30am


This one-hour workshop with Jen Hunter of Fernhill Farm, focuses on dividing up a fleece for processing. The trick is about knowing what to look for when creating yarn batches. It will enable you to buy a fleece, work out what to use for yarn, what to use for felting, mulching and much more!

This is a follow on from Saturday’s Wool Handling workshop and is a vital class if you are interested in getting the most out of a fleece.

Jen will explain how the various parts of the fleece, identified during grading, can be used to each use and why. The fleece is divided up, and selected according to age, quality and state.

Jen on this workshop… “What I would love is that after these classes you have the confidence to go away, approach a local shepherd, pay fair prices for fleeces and create your own uniform spinning batch on your own doorstep”.

All proceeds of this class go to blade shearing tournament prize money.

Adding Value to Fleece - Bridging the Gap between Farm & Yarn with Jen Hunter