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Stitch Fest Stash Buster News!

Hello! How are you all? What a time we've been having! I do hope everyone is coping ok with lockdown and finding solace in creativity.

It's long been on my mind to get a blog off the ground...a lovely way to stay in touch with you all, and keep you up to date with show developments, and here I am doing it at last!

So look, if you are like me, this extraordinary time will have given you a chance to look at your stash and realise you have A LOT more yarn than you thought. Yep, me too!

Stitch Fest South West is very much a community... of creative, inspiring people who share a passion for fibre related crafts. WE also enjoy being part of a socially responsible community; using natural fibres, low ecological impact processes, traditional skills and techniques as well as modern, exciting new ways of working sustainably and ethically.

These two thoughts have come together this month with our lovely new blog and brought us to the point of launching a Stitch Fest South West stash busting community project! 2020 Blanket!

What we are hoping, is that you will all dig into your stash and create yarn and fibre squares which will then be stitched together by our lovely helpers to make blankets. (Please let us know if you would like volunteer to help with this! ...) These wonderful items will then be raffled for charity at the show.

What do you think? This for all fibre crafters...the squares can be knitted, crocheted, woven or felted...If you knit or crochet, please use natural fibre only double knit yarn. If you weave or felt, please make sure the square is of medium thickness so it will work with the knitted and crocheted squares. Each square should be 6” /15cm blocked so they will all fit neatly together.

Now down to the exciting bit...colour! We've put together three moodboards to inspire you. So we will make 3 wonderful blankets from our squares...

From left to right, we have Scandi, Cottage Garden and Paintbox. We think that most things will fit into one of these. If we end up with enough neutrals, we will also make a neutral blanket. No need to specify which blanket you've knitted for...we'll put it in the one it fits with best.

But what about a pattern? I hear you cry! Not to worry... We are delighted that the wonderful Claire Crompton (knitting), the marvellous Anniken Allis (knitting) and the delicious Gorgeous Yarns (crochet) are going to be donating patterns for your use...the first ones will be available to download from the 2020 Blanket page on the website ( within a few days. You can of course make up your own... even if you are a new maker...from simple stocking stitch or garter stitch to a fairisle or cable knitted; or a crocheted granny square...all will be fabulous. All that matters is that they measure 6 inches square and are in DK or equivalent yarn.(eg. two strands of 4ply would also work)

So watch out on the 2020 Blanket page for updates and also on our social media pages. If you'd like to LINK and please post your squares as you make them. It will be fun to see your colourful creations shared in our online community.#stitchfestsw and also #sfsw2020blanket

and remember the

Bye for now friends, I’m off to raid my stash!

Saj xx

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