Fibre Quest Exhibitor List 2022

We are so delighted to have this wonderful group of exhibitors join us for the first ever Fibre Quest. In alphabetical order they are....

Allium Threads

At Allium Threads natural dyes to are used to colour yarn, embroidery thread, weaving yarn and handmade wool felt. Many are extracted from plants from the garden and nearby giving unique colours. Everyday yarns and luxury bases are available including various British wools and run from laceweight to chunky in weight. Toning shades of yarn, thread and wool are made by simultaneously dyeing different fibres and textures in the same dyebath.

Allium Threads also produces knitting patterns influenced by historic textiles and dress and by the countryside and natural forms and kits based on these.


Bellacouche makes wool felt shrouds, soft coffins, related products, and domestic products and kits using certified organic wool, or from planned grazing management farms such as Fernhill.  Bellacouche has a holistic ethic of reducing waste, recycling, composting and making best use of wool in a regenerative approach, and encouraging sustainable funerals, such as natural burial.

Blacker Yarns

Blacker Yarns are produced on site at their mill in Cornwall by their sister company, The Natural Fibre Company. All of the processes involved in producing the yarn take place under one roof, reducing their carbon footprint. They are supporters of Campaign For Wool, National Sheep Association and SW Fibreshed. They have a range of different dyes to meet different fastness specifications, including Organic Certified dyes and Natural Plant Dyes.

Blacklands Alpacas

Pat Northmore breeds alpacas and uses their fleeces to produce yarn. The majority of this is spun by the Natural Fibre Company and she uses the yarn for knitting/weaving/crochet to make various items.  Pat has the raw fleece, tops and yarn for sale, as well as the finished items and kits, all undyed. She also has a few pelts for sale.

Bluebell Yarns

Bluebell Yarns is based in Dorset with a focus on British & Falkland wool. None of the yarn contains synthetic fibres or has been superwash treated. Bluebell yarns hopes to encourage the use and exploration of under-utilised British Breed wools. The yarn is dyed by hand in small batches, meaning every skein is unique. Along with yarn, Bluebell Yarns sells British Yarn Selection Boxes, which explore the characteristics and uses of British Breed wool, stitch markers, and occasional themed boxes throughout the year.

Brentfox Yarns

Brentfox Yarns offers natural dyed and undyed yarns along with hand made wool and silk accessories. They have sourced local fleeces that they have sent to a mill in Wales to be spun and used natural dyes that they have sourced locally to produce a range of coloured wools. They have also used natural dyes to produce eco-dyed silk scarves from a variety of plant and flower sources.

British Alpaca Fashion Company

British Alpaca Fashion Company are a British independent brand making sustainable ecofriendly high quality knitwear in their design studio on their farm from their own alpacas on their farm in Exmoor. They produce the raw material (alpaca fibre) and make the end products from their raw material. Their focus is on the welfare of our animals and employees.


Coldharbour Mill Museum

Coldharbour Mill is one of the oldest woollen mills in the UK having been in continuous production since 1797. Originally owned by world-renowned textile producers Fox Brothers, the Mill took fleece from all over the world and transformed it into yarn, cloth and textiles. Today the rich heritage lives on as one of the finest working wool museums where visitors are able to see crafts men and women making traditional textiles, beautiful knitting yarn and hand woven rugs.


Emily Cross Ceramics

Emily makes handmade, wheel-thrown ceramic yarn bowls and other tools for fibre artists in her West Country studio.


Felt Sew Somerset

Tracey is a felt and textile artist, preparing and dying fibres/wool herself for use in her work and for sale, including hand dyed yarns, batts, wool locks, and some natural wools/wool locks. She also offers a selection of handcrafted felted and handknitted items and drop spindle kits and felting kits,


Fernhill Fibre

Fernhill Fibre is the woolly part of our hosts, Fernhill Farm's business, Jen sells fleece, yarn, fibre and finished wool products from their flock of sheep on this wonderful certified regenerative eco-farm .


Gorgeous Yarns

Caroline hand dye yarns with natural dye colours, some grown organically in her garden and some foraged. She also sells natural dye kits and teaches workshops. She is currently finishing a book about natural dyeing.


Gullrock Fibres

Gullrock Fibres is a plant dye studio on the borderlands of Devon and Cornwall run by Sinead who is passionate about combining her manufacturing engineering background with her love of materials, colour and texture. The plants are gathered from local city parks, Dartmoor and nearby beaches. Her yarn bases are grown and spun in the UK and are all nylon-free and non-superwash as it is important that her yarns retain their character and undergo as little processing as possible. 


Homewood Cheeses

Homewood specialise in producing sheep milk cheeses.  They are all handmade and range from simple fresh cheeses a few days old to salty Mediterranean style and more mature rinded cheeses.  They are based in Ubley just a couple of miles from Fernhill Farm.   

Ossian Knitwear

Ossian knitwear explores the diversity of British sheep breeds and their fleece to promote the use of British Wool. Using hand machine knitting techniques, They design garments, homeware and accessories to showcase the best of their UK yarns. They will be selling hand knit patterns, some wools and finished products, including pieces knitted with wool from Fernhill Farm. 



Riverford are mad about organic veg. They’ve been growing it for 30 years, choosing varieties for flavour and looking after their soil, wildlife and water sources. Every day they pick, pack and deliver the very best from their fields straight to your door in their iconic veg boxes. It’s all organic, delivery is free, and they’ll bring seasonal recipes every week to help inspire you in the kitchen. 


Nell makes and sells handspun yarns and hand carded fibres from fleeces on Dartmoor and around Devon. She also sells hand knitting patterns for hand spun yarns and hand knitted gifts. Pop by her stand to see a carding demonstration too. 


The Handloom Room

The Handloom Room showcases a range of handcrafted work with good provenance. Jade Ogden is a handweaver and South West England Fibreshed member, living in the Mendips making woven scarves, accessories, soft furnishings and artwork with geometric patterning. Her carefully crafted products are made with regeneratively farmed, undyed Shetland wool from less than 10 miles from her loom - at Fernhill Farm.


Thorn Alpacas

Thorn Alpacas are a small family business breeding beautiful and well trained alpacas and using their fleeces to produce natural coloured pure alpaca knitted garments for adults and children. Some of the spinning is done locally and all the products are knitted locally and sold on line or at craft fairs or shows. We hold Open Days when local public visit to see the alpacas and products and we raise money for local causes at these events.


Whittle & Weave

From their smallholding on the edge of Exmoor, Bec and Dru are working towards a sustainable and wildlife-friendly space full of plants chosen for wildlife and biodiversity, for medicines and plant dyes, and food for our animals. Their small flock of Portlands, Shetlands and Exmoor Horns provide them with high-quality fleeces. Keeping these rare breeds supports their survival, and they blade shear to get the best quality fleeces and leave the sheep with a layer of wool. They sell fleeces and roving, hand spun and plant dyed yarns, and hand woven pieces that they weave on their farm.


Wivey Weaver - Yarn Alchemy

Wivey Weaver sells handspun, handwoven and natural dyed yarns and fibre.  Heather's yarns are largely handspun but she use organic mill spun yarn for natural dyeing. She naturally dye fibre for felters and spinners and  use the best quality organic fibre mainly from a local mill or directly from Fernhill Farm. The natural plant dyes are predominantly from my own or local gardens.  I also use my handspun and natural dyed yarns to hand weave shawls/lap rugs.