2021 Blanket Project!

One of the positives to come from the 2020 lockdown here in  Devon was the incredible sense of community ...both in the immediate locality, but also online.  This got us thinking...how about a joint community project, one that could see us through the summer when life may still be a bit restricted. Then we got thinking about our (slightly embarrasing) enormous yarn stashes... and hey presto!...the  BLANKET PROJECT  was born. Since then we have had to cancel last year's show, but we will be running the blanket project for 2021, so if you have started knitting blanket squares, please do continue.

paler coloured squares.JPG

So...what is the Blanket Project?

We're asking you to knit, crochet, weave or felt 6 inch squares in DK (double knitting) yarn which we will then join together to make 3 amazing blankets to raffle during the show for local charities.

Some fantastic knitting and crochet designers have donated the patterns

for you to use for your squares, or you can make up your own. 

The important things to remember are:

  •       Your squares must be 6 " square blocked.

  •       Please use natural fibres only

  •       Use DK yarn or equivalent (eg. 2 strands of 4-ply)

So far we have these fantastic patterns to choose from, and there's more coming soon:








mustard crochet.JPG
blue waffle.JPG
pale .JPG

Knitted Tumbling Blocks

by Claire Crompton

Crochet Lattice Square 

by Gorgeous Yarns

Knitted Basketweave

by Claire Crompton

Granny Square 

by Gorgeous Yarns

We've created some mood boards to inspire you colourwise...

we'll be making a blanket based on each of these three boards....

Cottage Garden Mood board 2.JPG
Scandi Mood Board 2.JPG
Paint Box Mood Board 2.JPG

Cottage Garden

Inspired by the English counry garden, think pretty pastels and summer flowers, 


Greys, teals, neutrals, clean lines, calm and pure


Bright primary colours, rainbows, zingy and fun

We are now closed for receipt of blanket squares